Sunday, May 17, 2015

Intercessory Prayer

Lord Heavenly Father,

We come to you today to worship You. We are grateful that we can have this house of worship where we can praise You openly, without reservation, with all our hearts.

We come to You in prayer as you have told us in Matthew 18 "where two or three gather in Your name, there You are with us."

We pray for all those who have been affected by the Nepal earthquake. More than 8,000 have died, 19,000 have been injured and countless more who have been impacted by this event. God, we ask that you heal those who are injured, You reveal yourself in these difficult circumstances and bring comfort to those who are dealing with loss of loved ones and homes.
We give thanks for the offering that was given generously by our brothers and sisters here to help with the relief work. We pray for Partners International Canada and Canadian Baptist Ministries to be good stewards of these funds and that it can be used appropriately to best help the affected regions.
We want to continue to pray for the events in Middle East, especially with regards to the attacks by ISIS. We pray for peace in those areas, but also specifically for the safety and well-being of the Christians who face persecution for being a follower of You. We know that there will be much suffering/hardship to be a follower of Christ so we want to pray for the their safe return to their families.

We want to pray for all those who are being sent on long- or short-term missions by TCCC.

For Selina Lin, we pray for her preparations as plans to move to Japan in June.  You have called her to serve the people in Japan, and we ask that you prepare her spiritually for this new journey.
For Rev. Harding and Pastor Larry as they are with 'The Channels' singing group to minister in East Asia between until May 24th. We pray that their music will bring joy to everyone.

For Joseph and Adrienne Chan, and Andrea Ng who will be joining Mully Children's Foundation Medical Team going to Kenya this July 1-17, 2015. We pray not only for the needed medical services that they are bringing to the people in Kenya, but even through the tragedies happening, that they continually have their minds focused on bringing the Gospel and that people will be blessed by You through their interactions. We pray for their safety and security preparations for this trip.

For the Water Ambassadors team led  by Ben Yuen and Gloria Yuen, who will be going to Nicaragua in July. We pray for the team as it is still coming together, but also pray for the upcoming Water Training Camp where team members will be learning the basics of helping to provide clean water in the developing world.

We pray for the CCSA season that will be starting again next week. Our church has been blessed with so many teams. We pray that this summer, this ministry will be a great chance for us to bring  our church together to fellowship  and know You better. We pray for that the coaches, governors and players will be good witnesses for You and that our sportsmanship will be glorifying to You.

We pray for the TAG fellowship as they are away for their retreat this weekend. We pray that it has been a weekend that has been challenging and encouraging to their walk with you. Please give hem traveling mercies as they return home.

God, we know that you are the great healer. We pray especially for Alex, Angela and Jocelyn Lam. You have blessed them with another son/brother in Timothy. However, baby Timothy will need open heart surgery, but he surgery may be delayed because he's dealing with pneumonia. At this time we humbly pray for:
- an experienced team of surgeons to do whatever is needed so he can continue to grow.
- for God's healing hand to be with TImothy during the operation and post-surgery.
- for minimal complications
- to sustain Timothy's mom/dad/sister during this difficult time.

We pray for students--especially those in university--as they finish their term and exams. We also want to keep those who are seeking out jobs in our prayers. We know that these things can be challenging and stressful, but in Psalm 62, we know that our soul can find rest in You.

We pray for the rest of this worship time. Let it be a time where we can let go of all our other thoughts & burdens and instead focus on You. Let it be heart-filled and spirit-led.

We lift this time to you.

In Jesus name,

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