Sunday, September 21, 2014

Intercessory Prayer

“Father, hallowed be your name.
God, you are Omnipotent. You are almighty and rule over all things.
God, you are Omnipresent. We know that the Holy Spirit is with us at all times. You grace us with your presence whenever and wherever we need you.

God, you are Omniscient. You are all-knowing. You know our very thoughts, our feelings, our desires, our needs and our brokenness.

Your kingdom come.
God, we thank you for bringing the Festival of Hope to Toronto last weekend. We are amazed that 10,000+ people came out each night to hear your message of hope. We give praise for those who committed themselves to you and declared You as their saviour. We continue to pray for those who may not have been ready to do that, but we pray for the seeds that were planted and that we can continue your work to open their eyes and hearts to You Lord.

God, we give thanks for all those who have served You this summer in missions. We give praise for their desire to share the gospel and Your message of hope and love to those who do not know You yet. We pray that as they share about their experiences, it will also open our hearts and encourage us to consider doing the same.
Give us each day our daily bread,
God, we give thanks for our jobs, the friends and families that you have put into our lives, the homes that we have, this church where we come to worship You. All these things you have provided to sustain us.

God, we also want to pray that we will regularly seek and rely on You through prayer and scripture. You are our daily bread that will renew us day by day.

and forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us.God, we acknowledge our sins against You. We are not perfect and we know that we have hurt You with our acts and thoughts. We come before you now to repent and ask for Your forgiveness. Just as you forgive us, we pray for reconciliation and forgiveness to those that we may not be right with. We pray for opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with those who are close to us.

And lead us not into temptation.”
God, we want to pray for wisdom and discernment in our daily lives. We know it can be challenging in our workplace, schools and homes to live lives that are glorifying to you. We for pray for your spiritual guidance so that we can make choices and decisions that will reflect You so that we are the men and women that You want us to be.

All these things we ask in Jesus name,


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